Type of organization focus: an outpatient addiction program compose


Type of organization focus: an outpatient addiction program

Compose a 1-to-2-page fact sheet detailing a program evaluation method/process and why it would be appropriate within a specific human services organization. When you conduct your research, it may be helpful to have a specific type of organization in mind.

When you formulate your fact sheet, use the following questions as a guide:

  • What are the components of the evaluation’s approach (client questionnaires, focus groups, numerical tracking of site visits, for example)?
  • Why is the evaluation method you selected applicable to a human services program?
  • What does it specifically include or exclude that makes it applicable to human services programs?
  • How has this method been used successfully within other organizations?

The fact sheet should include an image/infographic that aligns with a portion of the content. The fact sheet does not require APA in-text citations, but a reference list should be included; you should utilize at least three references beyond the textbook and format the list according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. Use the CSU-Global library to find additional appropriate scholarly/academic references beyond the references given in the modules.