Topic: the rich get richer, the poor go hungry please use word


topic:  The Rich Get Richer, the Poor Go Hungry

Please use word document, 2.0 Line spacing. 1″Around the paper. Time New Roman size 12.

1-Read, Analyze, Discuss, & Evaluate A Text.

2-Identify Arguments, Strategies, & Structures used in a Text.

3-Prewriting, Arrangement/Organization, Drafting/ Revision, & Editing/Proofreading, & Final Polished paper.

4-Create a Clear Thesis and Topic Sentences for Body Paragraphs.

5-Compose An Essay in MLA

6- must at least 1000 words.

7-At Least 6 Qoutes to support thesis.

8-no copy/paste.

9-the essay title should be in quotes

10-refer to full title of the essay