Togaf final | Information Systems homework help

TOGAF Assignment 

Write a report outline below topics – during this assignment, you assume the role of a chief architect for this company

1. Select a company of your choice

2. You are working with your IT director on a new project:  a) to launch a new IT product OR b) to make a change to an existing product/service

3. Use the TOGAF framework to produce a solution proposal that includes:

             Technical design
             Business design
             Roles and responsibilities
             Architectural proposal with timeline, perceived risks and issues

This proposal should be no more than 2000 words.

Reflective questions to be completed after completing the assignment.

1. Why did you choose this company?

2. How did you feel in your role as an architect?

3. What did you enjoy about this activity?

4. What was the easiest and challenging part?

5. What would you do differently?