This assignment is a critical library research paper (5-6 pages) (75


This assignment is a critical library research paper (5-6 pages) (75 pts) and a poster presentation (25 pts).For this option, select a widely believed aging myth. (A myth is a belief, assumption, or stereotype that people in a society accept as “true.”It is an oversimplified generalization that may lead people to accept as fact that which may be fiction.)The “Facts on Aging” quiz includes many aging myths; you may find others in videos, or in outside readings but consult your instructor if not clear as to if a myth or not.

The research paper should address the questions below:

1.What is the myth you studied?Briefly describe the myth and give evidence/examples that the myth is actually believed by people. (1-2 paragraphs)

2.Why do you think that this myth persists?This section of the paper will be largely speculative, based on your own views and any evidence you can find. What role have historical, social, political, and economic factors played in perpetuating this myth?How have societal equalities and structured inequalities influenced the myth’s persistence.(1-3 paragraphs)

3.What is the reality?This will be the longest section of your paper and should cite five resources (research evidence from primary sources). Give particular attention to diverse groups and the cultural and societal influences that produce equality and inequality among older adults in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, class, education, cohort, and/or other differences. (3-4 pages)

4.Are there social actions related to this myth that might help to eliminate this myth and help to bring about greater equality and social justice in the U.S. for older adults? (1- 3 paragraphs)

For this option, you should include a minimum of five (5) references of professional articles and/or books related to your topic. At least three (3) articles should be primary sources that present original findings from a research study published since 2000. Two full-text online article may be used. In other words, you will need to spend some time in the library.

The most common problems with research papers in past semesters have included the following:

-insufficient primary sources.Textbooks/books intended for practitioners or the general public are not primary sources. The best places to locate primary sources are in research journals and government documents.Consult the reference librarian (see above), if you need help;

-incorrect or missing reference citations in text and/or in the bibliography (this can be called plagiarism)

-lack of attention to issues of diversity, equality, and inequality;

grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors; and

-insufficient discussion about how the findings and societal implications relate to the class(SJSU and course objectives, lectures, readings, videos, etc.)

NOTE:  ok thanks, so just follow the instruction and make sure you answered all those questions! please use simple words and language, my teacher knows that I am non-native speaker.