The stock market crash of 1987

 Choose one of the primary source documents from the topic list below. Using the primary source reading, answer the following questions. Context (15 points): Name of the document you chose to analyze Who is the creator of the document? Briefly describe the creator of the document. When and where was the document created? Summary (20 points): Write a brief summary of the source. (What is the topic or issue of the source? What are the creator’s main points about that topic? What is one interesting thing said in this source?) Connections (10 points): How does this source connect to the Unit 4 Learning Material? How does it help you better understand that moment in American History? (Here you want to think about how this source fits into the other material for the unit in the Lib Guide, Intellipath, or your Instructor.) Does this source support what you already know about the topic? If so, how? Or does this source change the way you think about this topic? If so, how? Issue Today (10 points) Identify how the issue in the document relates to American life today. You will want to use specific examples to explain your points. What clarification do you need regarding the posting? Topics/Sources: Buchanan, P. J. (1992). Address to the Republican National Convention. Retrieved from Bush, G. H. (1990). Iraqi Aggression in Kuwait. Speech before the United Nations General Assembly. (See PDF) Reagan, R. (1981). Remarks on signing the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 and the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981, and a question and answer session with reporters. Retrieved from Reagan, R. (1987). Tear down this wall. Retrieved from All sources used to complete this project should be cited using APA format, both in-text citations and references. Please use the CTU Undergraduate Writing Style Guide for assistance on APA formatting.