The ‘reflective (research-based) report’ should be reflective in


The ‘reflective (research-based) report’ should be reflective in style (using a named reflective model e.g. Kolb, Gibbs, etc) but research-based thus connecting academic theory to experiences covering:

Therefore, you are expected to deal with 3 key points in a 2000 word reflective (research-based) report: 1. What is the family issue/situation/problem? Summarise the issue/situation (i.e. the “issue” or “situation” which you acted out with your group in the formative play) 

2. How did you solve the issue/situation/problem? Analyse it from your own point of view (not that of the group), for example by finding new examples of situations where it might occur (relating it to other family businesses), by discussing your own experience of it (either academic, or from own family business, or other cases you are familiar with) and by relating it to other issues which may not have been addressed in the play. 

3. What did others think about your solution? Discuss the views of the class on it, and various solutions offered (not just your own group’s) and state how (if at all) your views on that issue have changed, following the discussion in class. 

Views to point

 Economic Impact Special Strengths (Values and Culture, etc) Dilemmas and Challenges (Resistance to change, Succession Planning) 

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