The psychology of religion and happiness | psy 530

 A minimum of  3 scholarly peered reviewed article for DQ  and 3 scholarly peered reviewed article for DQ 2 must be sited using APA format 600 words for each topic 8 DQ 1 and 2    Note: Please see reading references below 


Topic 8 DQ 1

Explain how happiness is affected by social relationships, work, leisure, and religion. Access and read the GCU Statement on the Integration of Faith and Work. How might a person with the Christian worldview (CWV) explain how the CWV influences social relationships, moral attitudes, and moral behaviors.

Topic 8 DQ 2

Select a scholarly article that discusses religion and happiness. Discuss the effect that religious belief has on people’s happiness or unhappiness as it relates to their behaviors and attitudes. What effect does religion have on helping behavior, the prevalence of prejudice, and health of religious people? Share your findings.