The constitution | Management homework help


Question 1 – Constitution Criticisms: After learning about the criticisms the Anti-federalists had regarding the Constitution, do you agree or disagree with their positions. Be sure to explain why you do or do not support them. Remember that the Constitution proposed a form of government that had never been fully implemented before and no one knew if it was going to work so criticizing it or wanting to change it was not unpatriotic or un-American. 

Question 2 – A new Constitution: If a new brand new constitution was written for the United States, what would you like to see in this new constitution? Would you eliminate the Electoral College? Term limits for Congressmen, Senators, and Judges? A parliamentary government with a prime minister rather than a president? Mandatory military service for everyone? An equal rights clause? Limit or expand the powers of the president or Congress? Universal adult suffrage? Only men vote? Only women? Only the educated? Limit the rights of states or expand them? Universal government health care? No income tax? Establish a specific religion as official in America? An official language? No immigration allowed? No income tax? No sales tax? No taxation at all? Please feel free to express any other ideas you may have and explain them.