Philosophical understanding of change. | Philosophy homework help

  • Provide a clear, concise overview of the 10 Skills and their importance for personal and professional life.
  • Provide an overview of your philosophy of change that includes a summary of your approaches to reacting, framing, and managing change and use specific examples to connect them to approaches to solving problems.
  • Explain the relationship between the 10 Skills and your personal philosophy of change using concrete examples to support ideas.
  • 3-6 paragraphs

THe 10 skills are n


Remember that critical thinking refers to habits of mind that expand your ability to understand and come to your own conclusions about a topic, and that habits are shortcuts to decision making. You can build strong habits by applying all 10 Skills to the task:

  • Agility enables you to respond to a changing world. You can look ahead and anticipate changing situations with an open mind.
  • Communication encourages you to think about the best way to connect with your audience and convey information clearly and effectively.
  • Initiative helps you take proactive action to improve your circumstances or create new ones.
  • Innovation gives you the tools to think creatively to generate original ideas and strategies.
  • Problem solving helps you generate solutions to meet challenges and accomplish goals.
  • Productivity enables you to organize and plan so that you use your time efficiently.
  • Relationship building means developing a trusted network to support you.
  • results driven approach keeps your focus on the end result, so you can face challenges with resilience and achieve your goals.
  • Self and social awareness help you make decisions based on personal and social values.
  • Technology lets you gather information and