Need write up on the last two points which are named at the end as

COMPANY : Second cup Cafe (CANADA)   Need Help on Last Two Points


Report on company background and research findings- 20% of course grade due by midnight 25


· Introduction of the company and product. Where it originates from, business activities, date of establishment, structure and size, brief description of products/ services.

· Clearly identified business goals (group can make reasonable assumptions about the business goals) and research objectives. Relate the research objectives with the business goals of the company.

· Identify and define the current target market for the company’s products.

· Competitor analysis – identifying the major competitors in the market. 

· What are the competitors doing in terms of product/ service, pricing, promotion, and distribution that makes them a competitive force in the market? (

· Competitors SWOT analysis (maximum 2 major competitors). 

· Customer survey with minimum sample size of 20 respondents (and possibly Focus group discussions) with current and prospective customers of the products/services identifying their needs and wants. 

· Analysis of product positioning through the customer survey. 

· Identify potential new products/ services for the company. (Sharath)

· Identify potential new customer segments for your market offering. (Sharath)