Look at stocks and possibly trade them (buy/sell) by looking at


Look at stocks and possibly trade them (buy/sell) by looking at various Financial Analytics systems and experimenting with the data analysis in these systems.  Check a couple of more stocks using these data analytic and visual analytic systems for finance.  Write an essay about your stocks and how some of these online data analytic systems have helped you with assessing stocks and investing/trading decisions. 

1) Look at Stockconsultants.com, enter your stock’s name and test if it’s a possible buy (bullish) or sell (bearish)


2) Look at StockFetcher.com and see if you can find interesting candlestick and other technical patterns for price trend reversal 


3) Look at American Bulls and test on your stocks


4) Look at Hotcandlesticks – it picks stocks for trend reversal and you can also test your stocks


5) Look at www.StockCharts.com  – it has charting tools for technical analysis.

6) IncredibleCharts.com – learn more about charting here if you want some more resources