Interview response for anthropology class (due tonight at 11:59



E $ $ a y is for a college course in Anthropology. Assignment is to complete an Interview on the given question and have them response. All the responses are in a file down below. Their is NO length requirement, just got to make sure E $ $ a y is long enough to answer all questions and requirements.

Please be sure to include the following information in your interview as well.

1-Where was the person born? Where was the person raised?

2-What is the person’s ethnic/cultural background? Your informant must also have a different cultural background from yours.

3-Read about your informant’s culture in at least one reference source.

Please review the following guidelines for your assignment:

a-The p-a-p-e-r itself should NOT just contain a list of questions and answers. It should be written in

 E $ $ a y form with an introduction and conclusion. Minimum topics included should be:

1)   basic information about the interviewed person and their culture

2)   the use of a theory from your text to incorporate cultural information

3)   some comparison of their culture or subculture to yours

4)   a reflection on individual variation within a culture (.why this individual is unique and may not be representative of others in their culture)

5)   an introduction and conclusion