How does the lgbtq equal rights group exhibit the characteristics of


How does the group you chose exhibit the characteristics of a discourse community? Present your conclusions in a document showing that you understand the six characteristics of discourse communities and know how to apply them to groups as defining criteria.  

My selected group is about with the Human Rights Campain about LGBTQ+ community’s experiencing discrimination (  ) 

Apply the Six defining characteristics to my selected group. 

The Six defining characteristics are: 

  1. Have a common goal. 

– this goal can be public or private goal 

  1. How the group communicates. 

-how does this community communicate to each other about their goal. 

  1. Participation within the community. 

-Members are engaged in the community 

  1. Genre (definition- “type of”) 

-Communicates to other communities. 

-what type of communication makes it easier to communicate to community’s. 

  1. Lexis (definition- language, terminology) 

-What type of language do they have; do they have specific vocabulary. 

  1. Threshold level of members with degree of knowledge (are they growing?) 

– Spreads the knowledge to new members 

-Threshold (definition- to have something/ do something to become part of the community) 


  • Understand how language practices mediate group activities 
  • Examine the discourses and texts of different communities 
  • Understand how language plays a role in discourse and community  
  • Identify the relationship between language and identity 
  • Acquire tools for successfully responding to varied discourse conventions and genres in different classes