History of three-mile island | Education homework help

 A brief history of your topic and how your topic has impacted the environment. • What environmental costs are associated with your topic? • Where are the impacts the greatest (in the air, soil, land, water, species) • What, if anything, has been done to remediate the environmental problems (how can the problem be fixed?) • Who or what is impacted by your topic (humans, terrestrial animals, aquatic animals, etc). • Any externalities associated with your topic? • Any interesting or pertinent information or pictures to include about your topic? • Any data or studies available to examine? 5. Be sure to include the source of the data (References). 6. Paper requirements: 12 pt; Times New Roman font; double spaced; 1 inch margins. Cover page and table on contents. Reference section if references are used. No footnotes. No limit on paper length. You are responsible for writing an introduction paragraph that examines what risk is and why we may perceive it differently. A paragraph that compares and contrasts the different perceptions of risk discussed. A paragraph that summarizes the paper and wraps up the discussion.