Evaluation homework on a topic of your choice


  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of a policy.
  2. Evaluate the quality of a consumer product.
  3. Evaluate the benefits of pursuing a specific hobby.
  4. Evaluate the merits of a particular film or book.

This task needs you to claim the merits of a book, film, product, policy, or hobby and use details as evidence to support the claim. 

Conduct an evaluation (suggested 2-3pg). In your work, do the following: 

  1. One of the given topics. 
  2. Practical introduction. 
  3. A thesis statement that previews two to four main points. 
  4. Main points with proper support in the body. 
  5. An effective conclusion. 
  6. Include at least one academically credible source. 

Success criteria 

  • An evaluation of 1 of the given topics.
  • A practical introduction with adequate detail.
  • An appropriate thesis statement that previews 2 to 4 main points.
  • Logically develops each main point, with adequate support, in the body.
  • Incorporates a conclusion that effectively summarizes the content.
  • Incorporates one academically credible source in the body.
  • Attention to detail is organized and focuses on the main ideas prescribed in the task or chosen.