Education in prisons | Education homework help

Read the following topic. Remembering the steps o the writing process, write a well-organized, well-developed 5 paragraph essay. (The scoring rubric that will be used to grade your work is at the end o the document. Use it to revise and edit accordingly.) NO SOURCES!!!!!!! Prisons have historically been considered a place to house individuals who are a threat to society. However, as the number of inmates has increased across the nation in past decades, lawmakers have had to make some tough decisions on what to do with the prisoners. One option is to allow them access to education – such as basic adult education, secondary education, vocational training, and study release programs – in an effort to reduce recidivism, or re-offense, rates and to help inmates become productive members of the community. Studies show that society benefits when prisoners are granted an education, but who should pay for it? Write an essay that discusses person access to education and how these programs should be funded. Consider both traditional and nontraditional sources of funding in your response.