Creativity, discovery, innovation s | BUS505


In this assignment, you are exploring the potential for the continued success of a personal favorite high performing business organization to share with prospective investors. The elements of Creativity, Discovery, and Innovation, as we have explored them in this unit, are foundational to the success of high performing organizations. This activity will provide an opportunity for you to deepen your understanding of each element and its importance to the continued success of the organization. You will identify and analyze the evidence of these elements as they serve to support the high performing status of the business organization you have identified.


 First, research and identify a business organization or company of interest that you believe is currently high performing or has a promising future.

o What about the organization or company that has captured your attention? o From your reading and research, characterize and support your

assessment of the status of the organization as highly successful,

somewhat successful, or challenged in its pursuit of high success.

  •   Describe your company of choice and your assessment of its success.
  •   Briefly share your assessment of the place of Creativity, Discovery, and
    Innovation in the company you have chosen.

o Provide evidence for your assessment from unit resources.
o Differentiate how each element is unique and differs from others.

 Based on your examination of the information shared regarding the status of each concept in the organization or company, address the following.

o What is the potential for continued and future success of the organization? o With respect to your understanding of the elements, what is working, and

what is not working?


  •   APA format, including an in-text citation for referenced works.
  •   Maximum of 4 pages, excluding title and reference pages.

 Include at least 3 resources.