Corporate sponsorship proposal cover letter

Objective of Assignment:

Students will gain experience writing sponsorship proposal cover letters, similar to the one that they will submit as part of the final group sponsorship proposal. Industry research to identify a suitable potential sponsor and recognition of sponsor needs are key elements of the assignment.

Assignment Requirements:

Please review the University of Alaska Anchorage Corporate Sponsorship Guide in this week’s course materials. From the perspective of the Director of Athletic Marketing for the University, you are seeking a title sponsor for one of the three major athletic tournaments (Men’s Great Alaska Shootout, Women’s Great Alaska Shootout or the Hockey Classic).

Draft a fictitious cover letter to an individual responsible for sponsorship decisions at the headquarters for a company of your choice. The letter should be no more than two pages in length and should be written in standard business letter format. Include as much information as you can gather from the University of Alaska Anchorage Corporate Sponsorship Guide to frame the letter. The letter should include specific sponsor benefits and pricing that you feel would be of particular interest to the prospective company.