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Conflict Resolution: Part 1 – Problem Description Assignment



This Conflict Resolution: Part 1 – Problem
Description Assignment
will require you to identify a criminal justice
professional or inter-group conflict issue that is important to you.  Although the criminal justice professional or
inter-group conflict you choose should be important to you, this project is not
an op-ed article.  Rather this is an
advanced exploration of causes and solutions of a criminal justice professional
or inner-group conflict.  You should read
all five Conflict Resolution Assignments before beginning the first Conflict
Resolution: Part 1 – Problem Description Assignment
, and you should choose
a topic that will enable you to create a detailed action plan. 

If you are using a real situation, please use
pseudonyms for the agency name and the names of the individuals in the problem
you describe.       




Items to include are outlined as follows: 

Length of assignment is
5 – 8 pages

Excluding title page,
abstract, reference section

Format of assignment is
the current version of APA 

Number of citations
See Research below.

The Problem
Description – This should support your assertion that the situation you have
identified is indeed one in which both a conflict is present and could benefit
from a conflict resolution intervention.

Background – this is needed to provide detailed background information and
context related to the conflict.

Examples of
Manifestation – specific examples of how the specific conflict manifests itself
should be provided. The paper should also review how the conflict escalates and
deescalates and the interpersonal or social psychological facets of the

Previous Efforts
of Resolution – You will need to review any previous efforts to resolve the


Research will primarily be
based upon an actual organization.  There
will be few, if any, academic references in this paper. However, research may incorporate multiple viewpoints of
complex issues. A complete and accurate reference section is provided.  Main arguments are correctly supported with
research, as needed.


Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality
via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.



Chapter 1- 2

Conflict Management
for Managers
 2ND 20


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