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Great breakdown on the video! It’s amazing how we overlook some of the best resources that are right in front of us. That’s what this video reminded me. Answers and innovation are all around us, but are we stopping to consider and study them? The way animals and nature has evolved and survived, as well as how they didnt’, are great lessons to consider. 

Thanks for the great summary!


Collin this was amazing to watch and you wrote a great summary.  I have never even heard of Biomimicry before this and now it seems so obvious.  I agree the world does not always work efficiently and wastes time, energy, and resources trying to start from scratch to solve things that nature already has the answer to.  It seems it would better serve everyone if this research and discoveries were more in the forefront of news and readily available to read.  We, as a universe, are running out of time to make changes and this path seems to have so much potential.  As it has been shown, the example of how the life cycle of a tree wastes nothing.  I like the refernece to replacing our chemistry books with nature’s recipe book.




Nice summary and power point on Biomimicry. This is something that I have not heard of – and found this quite fascinating! Some of my take aways from the video:

  • life has been on earth for 3.8B years, life has learned what works here and what is appreciated and lasts, maybe we need to learn from this
  • we need more innovation inspired by nature
  • instead of inventing things from scratch, we need to learn from what’s already here
  • life banks on diversity
  • life upcycles everything
  • maybe we need to replace our old industrial chemistry book with natures recipe book

There are so many companies today that are observing and learning from nature, animals and our eco-system – for example, when you mentioned how spiders are being observed and studied in order to recreate their web fibers, which are stronger than steel; or how coral reefs are being studied to replicate in the concrete industry. I found this video information very interesting – and did not realize how many companies that are currently working on these types of studies and learning from our environment to make our world better.