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Civil Disobedience

This discussion forum explores a controversial topic: Civil Disobedience. Remember that any argument asks (or perhaps challenges) us to change something about our perspective on a topic or issue. If we are asking our readers to change their perspectives, we need to be persuasive and civil. Likewise, when we are challenged by others with a different opinion, we need to keep an open mind and keep our responses persuasive and civil.

Finding Sources

Select either Option A or Option B for a selection of articles to read for this discussion forum.

Option A:  Civil Disobedience and Non-violence

1.    King, M. (2009). Letter from Birmingham Jail. Letter from Birmingham Jail, 1.

2.    Brown, T. M., & Fee, E. (2008). Spinning for India’s Independence. American Journal Of Public Health, 98(1), 39.

3.    Perlin, R. (2015). Two OccupysDissent (00123846), 62(3), 92-100.

Option B:  Civil Disobedience in Cyberspace

1.    Ludlow, P. (2013). Hacktivist Witch Hunt. Nation, 297(26/27), 23-26.

2.    Iltan, C. (2011). Moving targets. Maclean’s, 124(33/34), 63.

3.    Dunion, K. (2011). Viewpoint: In defense of Freedom of Information. Information Polity: The International Journal Of Government & Democracy In The Information Age, 16(2), 93-96. doi:10.3233/IP-2011-0233

Be sure to address all of the following elements in your initial post:

Step 1: Summarize.

Summarize the articles you picked. Write one paragraph. Identify the sources by title and author in your paragraph.

1.    What is the main thesis of each?


Answer here…………….



2.    How are they are they different and how are they similar?


Answer here………………..



Step 2: Using sources to support your argument (point of view).

Now, discuss your perspective of the topic. Support your statements by citing supportive evidence from the articles you read. Remember to use appropriate citations when you quote, paraphrase or summarize. Write one paragraph. Here are some questions you can use as a starting point for your one-paragraph discussion.

1.    What is your opinion of the content and the topic? For a researched argument, you would support your opinion by using supporting information from the article. Use in-text citations if you quote, summarize, or paraphrase.


Answer here,





2.    Was the article persuasive? How?


Answer here………………..




3.    What reaction did you have to the content of the article? Draw upon personal experience or use other sources to support your discussion.

Answer here………………

Just make it 300 words