An employee in your organization is very excited. He is about to become a Father for the first time. He has been telling everyone about it.  Which Benefits Law applies to this situation?  By law, wh

During a current negotiation process, you are a union representative responsible for negotiating wages and benefits. Defend the top 3 things you want to see placed in the agreement, and why. I need 2

Discuss if it is possible to be a great leader of employees in a highly mechanistic organization. What special talents or abilities might be required?I need 2 responses, 100 – 150 words per response.

Part 1 Review the attached assessments to determine your role: Answer the following THREE questions in a minimum of 175 words: 1. Consider how the information you’ve saw can be used to solve a p

Your Company, that owns a couple of Radio stations, has hired a brand-new Marketing Intern. Previously the Marketing department only had one employee; a Marketing Campaign Designer, and she had experi

ppose your employer has been going through many challenges this past eighteen months due to the recent financial crises.  There has been major cuts throughout the company and that includes the high tu

Create a performance rating scale, either BARS or BOS, for a head-waiter at an upscale restaurant who has at least 4 other waiters reporting directly to him. This must include:¡ A clearly defined rati

Conduct an online library search (you may also use an alternate search option if you prefer) and locate twoprofessional career videos that overviewsthe profession that you are interested in pursuing(e

Discuss how important an orientation program is to a new employee’s success within an organization.  Include in your discussion at least 3 key topics that all new employee orientations should include,