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Computer hacking | English homework help

Research Paper Investigate and report on an issue related to the course material that involves controversy–a social, legal, or ethical aspect of computers or computing technology. Do not use the text as the main source. The research paper should thoroughly support your opinion on the topic based on your thesis statement.  The thesis statement is […]

Operations decision | English homework help

Using the regression results and the other computations from Assignment 1, determine the market structure in which the low-calorie frozen, microwavable food company operates.   Use the Internet to research two (2) of the leading competitors in the low-calorie frozen, microwavable food industry, and take note of their pricing strategies, profitability, and their relationships within […]

Need 5-6 page double-spaced essay topic of your own

Prewrite, write, and revise to create a research essay on a topic of your choice (approx. 5 pages, double-spaced). Submit the final version of your research essay here. Make sure you cite and document all sources using MLA format. Use Citation Machine to help with MLA documentation. Refer to the Course Information > Course Syllabus – Learning Contract for evaluation […]

Create a ppt | Computer Science homework help

This presentation is based on the three topics:  (1) Holism vs. Reductionism, (2) SDLC Models and (3) Data Backup/Disaster Planning.  The presentation will be created in Powerpoint and should be submitted The ppt should hve information because i have to make a video with the information . including all the 3 topics , we have to create a scenario of […]

Evaluating a speech presentation | English homework help

Evaluating a Speech Presentation                                               Assignment: Use President Obama’s State of the Union address of January 20, 2015   Write a three pages evaluation of a speech you attended or watched (which is Obama’s State of the Union address), covering the following items.   1.                 Name, title, and/or position of speaker 2.                 Subject, […]

Economics | Computer Science homework help

Assignment: The Key Concepts in Economics Due Week 8 and worth 175 points Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you: Identify at least four (4) key points of a relevant economic article from either the Strayer Library or a newspaper. The article must deal with any course concepts covered in Weeks […]

Assignment 1: lasa 2: analyzing a social policy

Assignment 1: LASA 2: Analyzing a Social Policy In this course, you have learned that social policies are formulated to solve social problems considered important by a mass of voters, media, and political actors. Social policy is but one solution to the problem—not necessarily the most rational, effective, or socially just. Social policies are human […]

Lasa 1: design communications manual

You have been appointed the vice president of the human resources department at a fictional multinational organization. It is your job to design the framework for a communications manual for this organization.  The communications manual should contain best practices, company recommendations and scenarios all targeted at organizational communication. The board of directors wants to have […]

Muslims in germany discussion week 3 and reply to 1 post

After watching the video, Muslims in Germany (http://video.pbs.org/video/1559885543), explain why you think Muslims have been seen and treated as foreigners within Germany. What cultural barriers have been erected by Germans against Muslims? Why do you think the younger generations of Muslims are more religious than their parents? What problems do Muslims in Germany face in […]