“at the level of popular, sunday-school christianity, god is


“At the level of popular, Sunday-School Christianity, God is portrayed simplistically as a sort of Cosmic Magician, conjuring the world into being from nothing and from time to time working miracles to fix problems. Such a being is obviously in flagrant contradiction to the scientific view of the world. The God of scholarly theology, by contrast, is cast in the role of a wise Cosmic Architect whose existence is manifested through the rational order of the cosmos, an order that is in fact revealed by science. That sort of God is largely immune to scientific attack.”—Paul Davies in The Cosmic Jackpot

Given this week’s material and everything up unto this point, in light of the story of Modern Cosmology, in what sense can God be seen as a wise Cosmic Architect? How have you seen Him portrayed as a sort of Cosmic Magician?