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Assignment 5.1
Assignment 5.1: Overdraft Fees
This assignment supports the following lesson objective:

Explain the applicability of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to bank transactions
Assignment Overview

In this writing assignment, you will explain a bank’s liability when it deposits a customer’s check in the wrong account.


A one- to two-page (250- to 500-word) paper
Assignment Details

Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Write a short statement informing a bank of its liability when it deposits a customer’s check in the wrong account.
Three weeks ago, you deposited a $1,000 payroll check at your bank after having signed your name to the back of the check and writing the words “For Deposit Only-Account Number 7852837” immediately above your signature (Account Number 7852837 is your checking account). Since then, you have discovered that the bank did not deposit the check in your checking account, but instead deposited the check in your other account at the bank, a “money market” account. As a result, you have “bounced” three checks totaling $583, and incurred $75 in bounced check fees. Write a 1-2 page letter to your bank advising them of your legal rights in this situation.

Step 2: Save and submit your assignment.
When you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor using the dropbox.