Algorithm analysis summary | Computer Science homework help

In this summary, as you continue to investigate the different options to analyze algorithms, you are requested to create a PowerPoint presentation to explain this topic to upper management. Your presentation should include 1 slide for each of the following:

  • Title page
  • Content
  • Big Oh overview
  • Big Omega overview
  • Big Theta overview
  • Empirical analyses of algorithms
  • Example of how to calculate Big Oh, Big Omega, and Big Theta for an simple algorithm
  • Recommended algorithm analysis method to be used by your company
  • General functionality of the problems presented using flowcharts

You should provide enough information in the speaker notes to explain the concept that is presented in the slide.

Save your PowerPoint presentation as “yourname_WK2.pptx”. Click the “Edit” button on this submission node to submit the saved presentation.

Here are some tips if you have problems to submit your PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Try to save as PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation (*.ppt) and re-submit.
  2. Try to submit with a different Web browser.
  3. Try to submit from a different computer.


If it is still not working, discuss with your faculty.