2000 words max. times new roman. size 12. 1.5 spacing. apa

 2000 words max. Times new roman. size 12. 1.5 spacing. APA referencing. I have the 6 academic sources, please refer to these. Follow task instructions and use my assignment 1 to follow on from. My management problem for Coca-Cola is planning. Use in-text citation from sources and text Management 6th Asia Pacific Edition. Introduction 250 words, the intro of the management problem and it′s context, based on research from assignment 1. Introduce the purpose of the report and provide the scope of the report. Body 1250 words. (in-text citation required here. This should include a comparison/contrast of different perspectives in the literature about FOM and the issue. Explain the function of management that I have chosen (planning), including specific aspects/features of this function relating to the issue. (planning).Critical discussion about the issue. Conclusion 200 words. Provide an overview of your analysis to summarise what you have found for Coca-Cola. Recommendations 300 words. Propose specific actions as to what Cola-Cola should do, which relate to what you have discussed in the body of the report. I have a title page and table of contents page.