1) from your readings from the walser text, we have two writers

 1) From your readings from the Walser text, we have two writers having radically different responses to emerging jazz music (Chapter 4, Ernest Ansermet, and Chapter 9, Anne Shaw Faulker). In this discussion forum, discuss how either author engages with race (either explicitly or implicitly). 2) In This unit we studied the 1920s and 1930s, which encompass New Orleans/Early Jazz and the Swing era. With that in mind, identify aspects of how jazz has changed from Early Jazz to Swing. You can focus on some of the musical elements discussed in the readings and in the lectures that are characteristic of swing music or you can base your post on your personal/aesthetic response to the music (for example, do the different musical styles evoke different kinds of emotions, or different physical responses, etc.). Feel free to discuss any of the recordings assigned this week or used as musical examples in this week’s lectures, as well as recordings from outside the class.